My Golden Year

I’ve got some goals for this next year. I intend on making 27 a fantastic year. My life has been blessed thus far, but I’ve got some personal goals that I’d really like to meet (or exceed) during this, my Golden Year. Wikipedia defines the Golden Year as:

One’s golden birthday, also called a champagne birthday, is the day when the age someone turns is the same as the day in the month he or she was born. (for example, someone turning 26 on December 26 celebrates his or her golden birthday).

The following goals are those for my 27th year of life.

  • Complete the Marine Corps Marathon
  • Complete graduate school (MBA program)
  • Travel Overseas (Mexico and Canada are no longer counting as “out of country”)
  • Gain credibility in my position at work
  • Participate in the Patuxent River Mini-Triathalon
  • Repair relationship with stepmother without being submissive
  • Begin and maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle. I’m sure not getting any younger!
  • Earn the respect of co-workers and peers
  • Work to the potential I am capable
  • Ease up on myself-I’m only human and I’m bound to not be perfect. In fact, that’s in my description
  • Build a better relationship with my religion and beliefs
  • Create a mission statement and vision
  • Be my authentic and true self

So Happy Birthday to me (Do I owe Michael Jackson royalties for that?) and I have a lot to do in this year. I’m definitely “In Repair” as the John Mayer song so eloqouently describes.


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