The Day Shaped Up

Ok, yesterday started out with a big smelly toot, but it turned out ok. At the very least I got the house nice and clean, played with the kitties, and when Mircea got home we talked and I think we understand each other a little bit better. So that’s that. But he’s still a nag (and I know Marc is thinking-ha, you get what you deserve because you were a nag!)

I watched Tears of the Sun last night, which will always be “the movie that Marc went to alone when he first moved to Maryland”. We really liked it. Mircea had seen it but hadn’t remembered it all, and I thought it was pretty great. I have started liking action/drama. What’s a girl to do?

Ok, I have nothing else to write, but I wanted to tell you all that Mircea and I didn’t kill each other.


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