All This Fun Before 9:30 a.m.?

  • Mircea and I have a huge fight this morning. He storms out like a child. Will not take calls.
  • 10 voicemails when I get to work, basically indicating that this huge brief I have to do has no hope of ever being right.
  • Computer doesn’t work because NMCI lost a cord.
  • Find cord, access tons of emails because I’ve been out of the office working elsewhere for 4 days.
  • Boss not there to answer questions
  • Donation center closed. Broke rules and left my donations outside (like everyone else did)
  • Return home to cat vomit EVERYWHERE. Wicked awesome. Had to get the steam cleaner out.
  • Day of cleaning ahead of me because Mircea thinks that if he works all day I should do everything around the house-lest we forget that I work all day too.

I’m just a merry sunshine today. Who knows where I’ll live tomorrow, but I’ll tell you all this-I’m sick of taking shit from people that are supposed to love me.


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