My New Baby

There is a new gal in my life and she’s made her way into my heart (not that it’s too difficult-I’m a sucker for a fur-baby). This is Stinky (her name was Squeaky, but when Mircea got her he changed her name because her breath is atrocious) and she is 18 years old! She’s a pretty big sweetie, though she sometimes bites a little bit. She loves to cuddle and she has the funniest little meow. There’s one huge problem with Stinky-she HATES Lily. She doesn’t mind Fern too much (though she attacked her this morning) but usually she and Lily just go round and round, hissing and fighting. Mostly because Lily is a big fat baby and hisses at everything. She hisses at herself in the mirror. She is unbearable. I know Marc has a couple stories about how Lily would hiss when he would try to move when she was sitting on his lap. But we love her anyway. Back to Stinky. Sweet cat. Love her.


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