4 Services, 1 Slow Runner

I was feeling really inspired last night while reading my Runner’s World. I really enjoyed how I felt when I was running-on so many fronts. I was looking in the back of the magazine where they have a lot of ads for upcoming races, I saw the information on the US Air Force Marathon. It’s in September and too close to the MCM to do both, but they have a half marathon option and that might be kind of nice. It’s in Ohio and I have a lot of family in the area, so I could probably find a place to stay for the day. Well that got me thinking even more. If I’m doing the MCM (USMC) and then the Air Force, why don’t I do something to support the Army and the Navy? I knew about the Army 10-Miler and the Navy 5-Miler, so those were perfect amounts and the dates were appropriate as well. One catch-the Army 10-Miler is sold out, so I can’t get in there, though I did put a request for someone who wants to transfer their registration. I thought this would be a great motivator for me, and I’ve decided not to let it bring me down. Worst case scenario, I’ll just run 10 miles on that day, or I’ll run the course on another day and feel good for having done it.

I’m going swimming again tomorrow. I read Robyn my anonymous comment (thank you) about the option of going outside, so after our midday swim inside, we’re going to stop by the outdoor pool and verify. That would be great and then we could still go there after hours. There’s no way they’ll think we’re there for fun-I look like a bloated sausage in my bathing suit-the only way I would be doing this is for exercise!

Still looking for a nose plug and I’m starting to worry that I won’t find one. I really feel like I need it and it will hopefully help me with nose thing.

I’m finishing moving this weekend so I should start having a lot of free time coming up here. My boyfriend is working long hours all summer so I think that I will use that time to really make some waves in my fitness. I’ll have plenty of time to work out after work and still have dinner on the table when he gets home (I’m not old-fashioned, he’s just working 12 hour days temporarily and I want to help out.)


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  1. Sarah
    May 31, 2007 @ 15:26:39

    I so hope you can run the Army Ten Miler! The sis and I are both registered (as is the boyfriend, I believe), so we could have a little post-race shindig at our place. 🙂 Sounds like a fun idea–good luck with all of the running!You’re so sweet to have dinner on the table. 🙂


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