Weekend Wrap-up

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I had a pretty good time, and I was highly productive, so I’m feeling pretty good. On Friday Mircea and I picked up some Colonial Field Stones for the front yard, and since the Hoopty couldn’t handle the full pallet we had to split it into two trips which meant, are you ready, we had to handload the truck, drive home, unload the truck by hand, drive back, load up the second part, drive home, and unload it once more. Little Kateypooh got her exercise. Yes, my back hurts, but that was only the start of the back breaking activities. When Mircea went to work I spent the evening catching up with a friend watching the Office and burning some cds (should I admit that illegal activity?) It was so nice to catch up.

Saturday. I have no freakin’ clue what we did on Saturday. Seriously, I’m calling Mircea right now to ask him. Oh wait, I remembered (puts down phone). Mircea worked nights so he slept most of the morning, and I did too because the power had gone out (we heard the transformer blow) and there really wasn’t anything else to do but read and sleep and I’d finished all the reading I could handle. After lunch we hooked the trailer up to the hoopty (I should explain, it’s a 1990 S-10, and it could fall apart at any minute) and went out to my house to pick up some boxes and furniture to put in the storage shed. I’m almost all moved out of my place, which is a total overexaggeration-there’s a ton of stuff there, and we’ve moved a ton of stuff, so really, I have too much stuff!

Sunday was great. We put the boat in the water at about 9 am and started what was once again, a terrible fishing excursion. This time Mircea’s closest friend Tony came along, and it was so nice to finally meet him. The catch is that he is my boss’ son, and I’m terrified of this boss (he just signs timecards and stuff) so it made for a fun day. Tony and I drank too much, and then we toured the river eating crab cakes and not catching a darn thing, but we had a blast. Went to bed early (passed out-just me!) and got up early as heck on Memorial Day. At least I did. I watched the special on CNN about Memorial Day and it was very beautiful and moving (and featured my precious Robyn Meade). Then Mircea and I proceeded to clean the entire house, top to bottom, and make it a lot more liveable. Mircea has a ton of projects in the works right now, but no time to do them, so we made the decision to put all the projects in the storage shed for a later date and just live in the whole house (we had only been living in about 700 square feet of it which was kind of cramped.) The best part of the day is a tie. It was either the rides I kept getting in the wagon on the lawn mower or the mouse that came out of the carpet from the shed, announced seconds earlier by it’s dung (at least we had a warning). We missed a party at my friend John’s house, but as it turned out, it was probably a good thing that we missed (some very interesting dramatic stuff happened to a friend of ours.)

Ok, was that painfully detailed enough? Ooh, we also watched a little Deadliest Catch, when we were recovering from the mouse in the carpet. I’ll have a whole post on “the Catch” later.


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