Things on My Mind

This is the new Maroon 5 video. I was just talking to Mircea about how I didn’t understand how they could still be riding the wave of a 4 year old cd, but I guess if they can they will. I can’t stop staring at Adam Levine even though I think he is a total loser, but I just want to stare into his eyes all day long. I wish I didn’t suffer from that affliction.

So we got the cats together last night. Let’s just say it went a bazillion times worse than either of us ever expected. We both thought that the girls would be upset and that Fernie would be the ring leader of the fighting. Ha! We let Lily out of the cage and Stinky immediatly attacked her, chasing her behind the couch where she peed in fear. I hadn’t even let Fern out of her cage yet when we were breaking up the fight (which you aren’t supposed to do, but I was not about to let Lily get beat up by the Stinks). So the rest of the night we consoled Lily, who would hiss at Fernie as if it was her fault, and talked about what our options are if they don’t get along. We really want to have a nice little cat family, and we’re taking them all to the vet on Saturday so maybe they’ll have some more insight. There are a ton of suggestions that we’ve read on the internet, and if anyone has other thoughts please let us know. I just hate seeing Stinky badger my sweet girls. Oh and Fernie-the one we thought would be the ringleader of all the fighting? She’s been the sweetest little girl. She snuggles up next to us and tries to be nice to both Lily and Stinky, who are having none of it.

Ok, if anyone is still reading after all this cat talk, I have a question. I think I want to get rid of some of my (mother’s) books, and I’m wondering how I should go about this. I was thinking of making a list of the books I’m really to get rid of, send it out to my friends and let them choose. For those that live far away, I’d give the books for free but charge for the shipping cost I have to pay. I could probably make some money at a garage sale, but I’d rather share with others. Thoughts?


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