Ladies and Gentleman: Prepare Your TiVo

I got the best news today about my most favoritest “celebrity” ever: Mr. Peyton Manning (anyone who said “ick” is no longer my friend…PATTY!)

Manning to host ‘Saturday Night Live’
INDIANAPOLIS – Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning’s acting credits will move beyond his numerous commercials in a few weeks as he’ll be hosting NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”The Colts quarterback said he would appear on the show on March 24, which happens to be his 31st birthday.”I figure this is my one shot to be asked,” Manning said. “I’m sort of looking forward to it, but I am a little bit nervous.”Manning has most famously poked fun of himself in an ad for cell-phone company Sprint Nextel Corp., where he dons a fake mustache and toupee to “disguise” himself while rooting for the Colts. In a MasterCard commercial, Manning posed as a “fan of the fan,” cheering on workers at a grocery store and coffee shop.

I’m so excited. I didn’t dress up for Halloween this year, but I had intended on being Peyton Manning wearing the fake mustache from the Sprint commercial. I might even do it this year, but we’ll see.

Ok, enough excitement. Back to my stupid midterm. I’m totally half-assing this thing and I’m sure I’ll get a B or C in this class (the horrors) but I’ve really stopped caring.


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