The Most Disgusting Thing EVER!

My tv has been giving me trouble the last few days (and because of a poor cable signal I did not get to TiVo two Law & Orders last night) and the maintenance people screwed around with it today. Well they screwed it up, and I had to fix it. I moved the tv around (this is the second time I did this-first time when I moved in here) and then I saw this cloth. I picked it up and realized it was underwear. I knew it wasn’t Mircea’s because it was GINORMOUS, WHITE and, are you sitting down? POOP STREAKED. Not like brownish colors, no there was real poop in there. HOW THE HELL LONG HAS THAT BEEN BACK THERE? I almost died. I had it in my hands before I realized these gigantic man panties had actual dried poop in them. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I wrapped them in a bag and threw them away. The saddest part of this-a man clearly shat himself more than a month ago and then was too embarassed to just throw them in the trash can in the room (or out in the hallway) and HID THEM BEHIND THE TELEVISION. Oh my goodness.

I’m sanitized, but I’m still a little shaken. Until tomorrow dear friends. I have to sleep with them in the room tonight, but I guess its been a month so we should be close friends by now.

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