So Many Good Things…

First of all, the Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl, and that makes me happier than I’ve been in a long long time. I have loved the Colts since I moved to Indiana in 1992, and for once, it has truly paid off to be a fan. I can’t wait to order more Colts merchanidise, though the prices skyrocketed overnight. Oh well!

School is going pretty well. I think this math class might actually put me over the edge. It is really funny-I read the chapter, look at the notes from the instructor and I have NO CLUE that they are talking about. We get to the homework and again, completely dumbfounded over the work. Fantastic! I just keep telling myself if I can get through this semester that I only have two left and I’m done done done! Mircea will be graduating school the same time I do and we’ve been hoping we’ll be able to go on a cruise or something to celebrate. I’ll be celebrating the “end of school forever” but he’s only just begun. HA!!

Work is going pretty well too. I need to finalize my permenant position with the Navy when I return to PAX and that is sort of lowering my productivity here, but oh well.

As much as I hate any sort of fad diet (since I was so successful with straight diet and exercise) I’m on day two of the South Beach Diet. I really want to lose some quick weight so I look cute in my dress for when Mircea is here. Like it really matters, but still. I have my buns class today followed by the personal training session so I should be whipped into shape.

Gotta run to a meeting…


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