Hey, it’s Mircea…

So Sarah asked a pretty decent question: How do you pronounce Mircea’s name? It’s Meer-cha. As Robyn puts it “He’s a meerkat doing the cha cha” and yes, that makes me laugh every time I think of her saying that.

I know that I’ve said a bit about him, but I don’t want to be too “gushy” about him. I am absolutely crazy about this man and the best part of all is that the feeling is mutual. I’ve never been treated so nicely, NOR have I ever treated anyone with the kindness and respect that I treat him with. (So I’m not comparing him to anyone-got that!?!) He has taught me so much about what I want from a relationship and so much about how to give of myself as well. My life would have been very different if I’d learned that lesson earlier!

So enough gushing on and on about my handsome man. In just a few short days he’ll be back in San Diego and I’ve got some fun things planned for him!

He’s not a fireman, but who doesn’t dig a guy in a uniform? I can finally see Patty’s point about the hottie firemen…


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