Ok, so my race sucked today. That’s a lie. It wasn’t that bad, I did terribly: 476/621, however, I haven’t run a lick since early December and I had some ankle and toe trouble, which often plagues me, especially in the shoes I’ve been training in (duh, get new shoes, right?). It was a good trip back though, and though I had to walk a lot (which is why it took me 39 minutes!) I don’t feel the aversion to running that I’d been feeling the past few weeks. They took a picture of me, and I hope it turned out good…as soon as I see it I will post it b/c I’m sure I looked HAWWT!

The highlight of the Super Run was that I got a great long sleeved t-shirt. The t-shirt is flippin’ awesome-it has a Colts vs Bear’s helmet thingie on the back! I’m so pleased!!!

Go Colts and Go Me for running when I didn’t really want to!


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