This Day is Not Going Very Well

So today sucks. It blows. It blows chunks, and monkey balls and goats. Ok, I’m done being crass, but I’m pretty pissy. Today was not so fun on the professional front with a possible career altering snafu (long story of miscommunication), my homework is driving me insane, and on my awesome Jared-esque walk to Subway to purchase the daily special of turkey and ham, I stepped in some goose poopie. I scraped it off, got to Subway to find that MONDAY is my turkey and ham day, and today is actually meatball sub (too many calories). So I paid full price for my sub, which is not something I’m a fan of doing when it costs a full $2 more in California for the same crappy sub. And who eats at Subway in San Diego unless its on sale? Many other options…damn damn damn.

So hopefully today will get a little better. I’m going to keep working on my homework, take the abs & buns class at the gym, hopefully hit the Farmer’s Market for some treats for Mircea when he visits, and get a haircut. You know, maybe no on the haircut. My luck isn’t going so well today. Haircut tomorrow!


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