Dumb jock? I think not

Rarely will you see me tooting the horn of someone in the NFL that doesn’t play for the Colts. Last night I watched Monday Night Football (a Monday night party) with the Colts vs the Bengals. It was a pretty fun game to watch, though I got pretty sleepy at the end and just went to bed (once we had the game locked up). I was getting some odd looks during the game though because I kept cheering whenever the Bengals linebacker Landon Johnson was making a good play. I just love Landon. I had several classes with him at Purdue and he was always really nice nice to me, but the second thing I noticed (besides his gorgeous eyes) was that he was smart as a whip. He always seemed to know what he was doing in our Sensation and Perception class, where I was struggling through the basics. He used to stay after in class and help me a little bit sometimes with his buddy Chris James, also a football player (and also a hottie). I’m not sure why I’m writing this, but I have just always respected him so much. He’s great at football, smart as can be, and has a great personality to boot. I love watching him succeed in the NFL because for once, a nice guy finishes well. Though not that well, because last night the Colts beat the Bengals, in a game that we weren’t so sure was in the bag. GO COLTS!


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