Pictures from the Trip

I thought I’d share some pictures from my trip out to California/Nevada. I am not the best at taking pictures at this point, but I was just trying to figure out some more of the functions on my camera.

This first picture is from Joshua Tree National Park, where Lindsay and I spent an afternoon. I had been there before, but sans camera, and it was great to get to go back, this time with such a great friend.

The Joshua trees are so neat. I’ve always loved them, before I’d even seen them and they were just an enigma from a great u2 album.

On the drive to Vegas we had to pull over to get this shot. The sky was just so beautiful, with all those different colors and swirls.
It was pretty rough getting pictures at the Bellagio, but it was really beautiful and I’m attempting to share a little of it. There are some better shots of the hotel, but this is one of the better ones of the fountain.

Of course there had to be a party picture. We took it pretty easy that evening, but wanted to be a little “touristy”.


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