I’ve Been Hiding

Ok, not really, but I’ve been busy with my class for work as well as grad school so I’ve sort of been under the radar lately. Well, at least on Blogger, as I’ve sort of become a “social butterfly” in the So. MD area (yeah right). Actually, I have been much more social than usual, meeting new people, attending parties and the like, and NOT drinking. Such a wonderful thing. I realized this weekend how much fun it is to be the designated driver. It really isn’t that bad. I can still enjoy a couple of beers if we’re staying for a long time and I can “fake drink” and hold a cup in my hand so I don’t look too awkward. I met a lot of nice people this weekend and made some new friends. Robyn and her husband Andrew have been so good to me. They said that they are glad we have more time to hang out now (though not about the circumstances surrounding why we can hang out more.)

I’ve got a busy week this week as well. I went out to dinner last night with friends and I’m having a friend over for dinner and a movie this evening. Tomorrow I have class (blech) and Thursday I’m finally going to get to run for the week. Friday I have to take my car up to Waldorf and Robyn is going to join me to keep me company and to go to the mall (yeah!). My car has been acting crazy, and it also smells like garbage, so I’m not so happy with it right now. Saturday I’m going to the St. Muurry’s County Fair with my friend Murthlyn, as its her birthday and all she seems to want is a funnel cake. I can oblige. I’m hoping to watch some football on Sunday. My friend Ben seems interested in me doing that with him as well, so it seems like a good plan.

Well, that’s about it. I don’t know if any of you read Marc’s blog (Mild Amusement for the Masses) but he’s had some pretty funny stuff on there lately. Check it out if you’re in the mood.


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