Thanksgiving in July

I’d like to make a list of things that I am thankful for. I realized that a lot of horribly negative things have occurred lately, and they make me very sad, but some positives have actually occurred in the last few months and weeks.

  • I reached my WW goal weight
  • I met my goal of getting “shirted” at the McGuire’s Running Club (and yes, Marc left a sweet comment and I didn’t see it until I was making this post…and yes, I’m still trying to dry my eyes)
  • I’ve realized how who my real friends are, no matter what “side” they’ve taken
  • I’ve learned to be more accepting of people, and not “judge a book by its cover”
  • I’ve learned that I often get too carried away, and I’m learning to control that anxiety
  • I have a potential job in the city I want to live in, based on merit alone!
  • I’ve gained a bit of fashion sense
  • I’m not nearly as shy as I once was and have made new friends (NOT the friends in Florida)
  • I’m taking an active role in making myself a happier person because there isn’t a damned reason not to

Sure, there are so many negatives that I couldn’t even begin to list them, but I’ll give myself an extra postive-looking through the #*@% storm and seeing the few positives left.


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