Silly Items

I drove passed my road today on the way home from the grocery store. It was pretty funny. I was like “oh there’s the house that we always liked” and then realizing that I don’t usually see it on the way to my new place. I was also rocking out to a little Michael Jackson on the XM, so it was pretty funny.

I’m trying to keep myself cheery. And by keep, I mean, start. I ate some taquitos for dinner. That always cheers me up.

Now I’m watching MythBusters, which I started watching in Florida because I missed Marc (he always watched it and I wouldn’t, but it reminded me of him.) I started watching it because they were talking about the “brown noise” which is a sound that is supposed to make people soil themselves. It appears that I’ve missed that part, and I’m just watching some Chinese water torture experiment on there…but I want to know about the brown noise. I seem to recall that Marc and I once heard a song that we thought gave us that brown noise feeling…where was that? I wish I could remember. It appeared to be over some sort of loudspeaker…now I’m wondering if its when I was in Florida…oh well, I’ll let this one go.

I bought 4 lbs of cherries yesterday. I think I’ve eaten about a lb and a half. Yeah, I need to make sure I don’t start pigging out again and I need to start running again. NOW!


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