All my troubles seemed so far away…ok that’s not true, but they were in the back of my mind because I had some new fun crop up. One, it was really hot yesterday so I did not run, which makes me feel bad but I hadn’t been feeling well (inner ear) so I gave myself an excuse. I worked on getting my “crib” a little more presentable, and its on its way. The excitement of my night was that I finally decided to turn on the a/c units. Well, I managed to blow a fuse. You heard me right. FUSE. I don’t have a circuit breaker, this crappy cottage has a fuse box and its in my bedroom that is eternally dark…especially with no electricty. I tried really hard to do it on my own, called Marc, he didn’t answer, then went next door to the neighbor (who used to live in my place) and he helped me out with it. I didn’t realize that I’d also tripped the fuse for the freezer in my back room so I woke up to fairly warm frozen goods too. Lovely. I moved all the stuff into my refridgerator freezer and I’m going to drain the big freezer in the back. I guess I just don’t need it like I used to because it isn’t all of our stuff anymore-its just me.

Oh well, wonderful tales from shit-town.


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