Sleepless Night

Oh my goodness yesterday was rough. I got home and ran, and although it went horribly (it was very humid) it was good to get back out there. I came home and mowed my little lawn in this old fashioned push mower and now I know why you need to “de-stick” your yard. That thing was a disaster!! The highlight of my night is that I went to bed at 8:30 while it was still light outside. I fell asleep for about 3 hours and then the fun started with my cat Fernie. She was a nightmare!! She kept coming in and howling and biting me and kissing and nuzzling. I’d fall asleep and then she’d wake me and pull at me and stand on my face. ALL NIGHT. I’m not talking for a little bit. All damned night. I fell asleep about 4 when she went to the bathroom and then she came back in (after knocking something over in the other room) and we started the dance again. I got to work pretty early this morning since I didn’t have to wait for the alarm. I don’t know what is going on with her but I can guess that she misses her daddy. Well cat, we all do. And we all have to get over it so get some sleep!

Not too busy today. There’s a 4 mile run on the docket and hopefully I’ll have a chance to catch up on some sleep too. Its so hot in my place but I don’t want to turn on the a/c window units because those rarely seem to do much (accept waste electricty).

Have a good one!


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