Rough Weekend

This weekend was really hard. Its so difficult to think about “where we would have been” if I hadn’t been so foolish. Instead of having our first weekend at home after our wedding, Marc and I moved the rest of my stuff out to my lonely little cottage. It was quite horrible and very painful and I’m sure that I made Marc feel worse as I cried my way through the process. Today marks the first day that we aren’t speaking to each other in a “self-inflicted” hiatus from any relationship with each other. Its an opportunity for us to both step back from the relationship and reevaluate ourselves after this disaster.
I don’t know what else to write. I feel like a shell of a person and am dead inside. I was supposed to start marathon training two weeks ago. I can hardly hold down food so I can’t seem to conjure up the energy to even walk around the place let alone run. I’m hoping that maybe my appetite will come back, but its not very likely.


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