How Odd…

A guy from work called me today to find out if he could rent a room from Marc since I was moving out. He doesn’t know Marc very well, but I still find it a little pathetic that he would call me, especially the day before our wedding. I told him I would talk to Marc (when he called) and ask him about it. I just find that to be a tad inappropriate.

Oh well.

I did a two mile run today. It is so hot here, I was miserable. My marathon training starts next week and I think that I am in big trouble. In a sort of positive note, when I lost weight in Florida a ton of it was in my chest, so now I have “runner’s boobs” so I don’t have to worry about them giving me black eyes anymore. I guess I can live with that, though a couple of my shirts look a little sad now, but oh well. This will be better for running.

I’m a little sad today. Its hard not to be, considering this should be the happiest time of my life and I would love to be sharing these days with my friends and family. This is all just so sad because I truly love Marc will all my heart and soul. I’m just not sure that is enough.


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