Tuesday Update

What a whirlwind several days I’ve had here. Marc and I have set our wedding date for June 24, 2006 in West Lafayette, Indiana. We have our reception hall booked but we do not have an officiant yet for the wedding so panic is still setting in pretty high for me right now. Hopefully we’ll find one fairly quickly, we’ve got a couple of feelers out right now. One of our big issues is that we didn’t have a home church when we were in college and we don’t have a church where we are currently. That doesn’t make for a good situation on getting married by anyone other than a Justice of the Peace, which we may end up having to do, which crushes my hopes of getting married in a traditional Lutheran wedding, but I’m willing to get over it.

As for running, Marc has been sick the past few days and I was starting to think that I was getting a cold too, but luckily I seem to have made it out unscathed. I ran a little on Friday but wasn’t feeling well and then on Saturday I did the 5 mile run. I didn’t run 5 miles straight though, I ran 2.5 in the house, then I ran 1.5 outside and another 1 back in the house. I just get so damned bored on that treadmill that I had to get a change of pace. I feel a lot better about the running and I think that I can accomplish my goals for the 1/2 marathon. We have a 3.5 mile training run tonight and I will definitely put forth my best effort. I think Marc will probably cross-train today as he’s just getting a little bit better and shouldn’t push it (I HOPE HE’S READING THIS!)

Well, back to my class. I’ve been in a training class this week and I also started graduate school again so I’ve been super busy. Yipee!!


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